Ula's Umbrella and Granny Squares

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm still cranking away at these stitchettes for my patchwork quilt. This time I finished up Ula's Umbrella from the Spring collection.

And, I have been cranking away at these granny squares here and there. Luckily, they get a few hours of my attention every Thursday night at my knit/crochet group so the project has been progressing at a steady pace. I am finished with about half of the squares for the afghan and only have to add the last round to the other half and single crochet them together (oh, and I also need to sew the ends in...ugh!). Here's to hoping this holiday weekend will give me some extra time to finish this project up (or maybe I'm just in denial about how long this is actually going to take...)


  1. I really like Ula's Umbrella! The raincoat is very cute.
    You have a lot of patience to make that granny square afghan.

  2. Ula's Umbrella is lovely and your crochet
    Kind regards,
    Sonnja, from the Netherlands


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