A Girl Named Zippy

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I just finished reading a really cute and sarcastic book, A Girl Named Zippy. It's a memoir about growing up in a small town in Indiana.

I had to laugh when I read the following passage. My friends and family always tease me about by house one day being overtaken by all things homemade. Please, stop me if I ever get this crazy!

"There was a woman in our church named Rose of Sharon who was so crafty that my mom said she probably crocheted her major kitchen appliances out of steel wool. I went to a baby shower at her house one night. All the women and girls from the church were there, and we each, in the spirit of Quakerism, left the party with a gift. There were no winners. I got a purse, which Rose of Sharon had made out of a plastic butter bowl. She punched holes around the top of the bowl and attached a crocheted top with a drawstring. It was a very clever and handy design for a purse. My mom "won" a doll with a hooped skirt that covered up a roll of toilet paper, and my sister took home a hat that was made from smashed soda cans held together with yarn. Rose of Sharon's entire house was covered with her art, which feature, in addition to knitted things, yards and yards of peach and pink lace attached to the bottom of everything that wasn't moving. R.O.S. had some condition which caused her eyes to bug out so far one could nearly see her brain; my mom suggested it was probably caused from the shock and horror of waking up in that house every day."


  1. Even if your house was overtaken by homeade things, I think it would be nice! That book sounds funny....especially the gifts the guests took home!

  2. Thanks for the laugh! My husband once said that he was afraid that if we got a dog, I would monogram it. :)

  3. She does sound overly crafty in that little blurb. I wrote down that book- I am always up for a good read and my local library has a good selection so that helps. I am currently reading Slow Train to Lisbon (I think that is the name I may have to double check though) and it is very very good.
    I am glad you liked my little quilt show! That hedgehog was actually just one that I drew- I am glad you like it though because I have had mixed feelings on whether or not it actually looks like a hedgehog

  4. ha!
    I hate to admit this, but I am probably half way there.

  5. Ah, I love that book! I definitely recommend the sequel, She Got Up Off The Couch. So funny.

  6. hahaha! that's hilarious! that is exactly how my husband feels about my crafty evenings at our home!!

  7. I read this book, I had forgotten about it! Hee hee, that is a great excerpt :)

  8. I love all of her books. She writes so well..they are incredible. They are books that I will read again...if I get them back from lending them!
    Your bag is beautiful!

  9. hmm, must try out that handbag. That was great. It had me chuckling away


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