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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm a part of two quilting bees right now and the past two months have brought me lots of happy mail as I collect the blocks that come in each day.

common threads blocks so far

My month for Common Threads was in November and I'm planning on sashing these blocks with a gray solid. My request for the month was no nested blocks or log cabins, just squares and rectangles.

bee beautiful blocks so far

And, my month for Bee Beautiful was January (can't believe February is already tomorrow!). My theme for these blocks was scrappy log cabins with pink centers. It's been fun to see scraps from memorable projects turned into little mini log cabin blocks!

my quilting assistant

In other news, I have finally gotten around to finishing up my nine patch a day quilt that I started last May. It feels good to almost check something off of my to do list. My kitties like quilts, especially new ones, so Nuku Nuku plopped on and got very comfortable this afternoon. I hope to finish getting the binding sewed to the back in the next couple of days and this one will be complete!


  1. My month for my other bee was December and getting the blocks in the mail is so fun! You'll get my blocks shortly... I finally got round to getting a pen to sign the blocks. Sorry I took so long :/

  2. Gosh it looks like lollies spread out upon your floor. Well, good enough to eat anyway!

  3. I love the Common Threads quilt. Actually, I love all of your quilts. I can see why the cat wants to snuggle in.

  4. Beautiful! All of it, I'm looking forward to seeing that 9 squared block a day quilt. That sounds like a fun idea and looks... great what I see of it. :)

  5. Such pretty quilts... can't wait to see them finished! Thanks for sharing!

  6. two amazing quilts! what fun fun mail to receive!
    and i am officially in love with your kitty.

  7. Your Common Threads quilt looks beautiful! I really like the colors and fabrics you picked. I look forward to seeing your nine patch finished. It looks like there are some nice blocks in there.


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