afternoon treats

Thursday, March 11, 2010

talking to Jon (and Shinji)
- Talking to Jon on his way to class
sleepy afternoon
- catching a cat nap

afternoon snack
- Discovering a new brand of Peanut butter (and a dairy free recipe for homemade Nutella - thanks Jodi!). I will definitely be trying the Cinnamon Raisin kind next.

zig zag quilt in progress
- Finishing up another quilt top (in all it's wrinkly goodness) - made using this tutorial


  1. Pretty quilt top! Hey, thanks for the link to homemade dairy-free Nutella! My daughter will be so happy (me too). And that Dark Chocolate Dreams PB is the best.

  2. that quilt looks gorgeous! And yum....

  3. that quilt is positively gorgeous. so jealous! i would be interested to read some of your techniques if you were to post your processes!

  4. The hubs is obsessed with that PB brand and is currently working on a bottle of the maple PB. It's hilarious how excited he gets when he sees the bottles at the store.
    The quilt looks amazing! The colours are so lovely together.

  5. great quilt top!!! i love zigzag quilts and i hope make one this year.
    cute cat :)

  6. lovely treats all around... i adore that quilt top... simple yet beautiful!

  7. Love the patterned fabric you chose for the zigzags, it almost seems to give it texture. Very pretty :) That cat nap sounds nice right about now.

  8. looks like it was a treat filled day!

  9. Isn't that chocolate peanut butter the best! One spoon (um, heaping tablespoon) is dessert! I love the texture. I like your zig zag quilt - the colors are beautiful!

  10. Amazing image of your kitty there....Did you wait patiently for that yawn? And the quilt is lovely. You're always up to something.

  11. yes! i love that peanut butter too! and that yawn... so so cute!

  12. beautiful zig zag interpretation! okay, now i have to go look for chocolate p.b....


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