Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been a while since I've posted...it gets a little hard to get back into the swing of blogging, but here goes...

We've been enjoying our gardens. The peonies were in bloom a few weeks ago and we managed to have a vase full of flowers inside for a few days (ants and all!)

Our veggies seem to be doubling in size each day! We've been enjoying lots of great salads with our lettuce crop. We planted 12 plants this year instead of 4 like last year and we're racing to keep up with the supply.

We saw a fabulous movie last weekend, thanks to my long lost friend, Courtney, from high school telling me that I should get out to see it. It's called The Fall and I guess it could be considered similar to The Princess Bride, but with nicer scenery and a more complex plot line (a young girl is sick in a hospital and she befriends a man who tells her a fantasy story).

A few weeks ago, we made it out to see the Orchid Ensemble at the Detroit Festival of the Arts. This was by far my favorite musical group featuring the erhu! If they're ever in your neighborhood and you enjoy music from the Silk Road, you should try to see them.

I have had a bit of time to do some crafting. I finished this dress literally minutes before we brought it over to its new owner, little baby Claire. This dress was a lot more fun to make than Jon's sweater. Mainly because it took only a little over one ball of yarn and a whole lot less time! I think I see lots more baby garments in my future (especially if my friends keep getting pregnant so often : ) I did run out of pink at the end, and after searching for a second ball at four different stores to no avail, I realized that it is probably a discontinued color. So, I improvised and added the brown for an accent color on the bottom and as a crocheted edge on the top.


Pattern: Little Sister's Dress

Needles: Size 5

Gauge: my gauge was bigger than recommended, so I made the 0-3 month size in hopes that it would fit more like a 3-6 month size. Claire is a tiny baby, so she should be able to wear this in the fall

Yarn: Bernat Satin MaiTai (pink) and Mocha (brown)


  1. Welcome back! The dress is adorable, I love the pink and brown color combo. Your lettuce looks yummy, we have been enjoying lots of salads from our garden too, a few green beans and lots of basil and cilantro, no tomatoes yet.

  2. I love when something like running out of yarn ends up being a good thing. The brown looks great, probably better than if the whole thing was pink. Adorable!

  3. I was wondering where you had gone.... wondered if the cat had done something with you! Beautiful dress!!! VEry resourceful... adds a nice twist!

  4. I think the yawning cat post was like one of those intermission shots from old movies. And what a way to jump right back in! I love, love, love the dress. Hey, you can't go wrong with pink and brown. :~)

  5. It's so sweet looking. I think the brown is a great touch!

  6. Forgot to add that your lettuce looks wonderful! It makes my bagged salads look pitiful.

  7. I love peonies...yours are gorgeous! I bring them inside ants and all too. Your lettuce looks amazing...mine always gets eaten...slugs I think!

  8. Hey! I've missed you on here. The flowers are beautiful, and I bet that dress is well-loved (if not by its recipient, then surely her mother!).
    It's been babysteps for me figuring out patterns. I used to be petrified. So I started out with a small commitment: a purse. Then I made a dress for Emily. And now I'm starting to make garments for myself. Truth be told, it took about 1 1/2 years to get up the courage! :) But I think the main thing is to take it slow and read everything carefully. Then it's not so scary. I hope you will try your hand at it!

  9. i've been wondering where you been...your flowers look great and your lettuce! wow, looks better than any store-bought stuff! your baby top is so pretty - i think the pink and brown look better than all pink...what a cute top.

  10. the dress is so cute! I like that it has contrasting trim at the top and bottom. it adds a nice touch!

  11. Wonderful little dress. Your improv worked wonderfully/ I love the brown details.

  12. The dress couldn't be cuter!! Welcome back.


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