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Monday, June 30, 2008

Jon and I made this little tart yesterday morning. We were looking for different ways to cook asparagus and this came up on a google search.

Asparagus Tart (recipe from We didn't have half and half, so we used skim milk. And we didn't have turmeric (or we couldn't find it in our jumbled mess of a spice cupboard...ugh!), so we skipped it.

The tart came out delicious and we would definitely make it again. Asparagus is so yummy!

I sent this little tea towel across the pond to my friend, Jodi, who's living and working in Brussels right now for six months. We were bummed that we couldn't make it over to visit Jodi, so I had to send the next best thing...a tea towel, of course! Jodi's a budding classical guitarist and she's got an awesome collection of unique tea towels and kitchen accessories, so I thought this would be the perfect, compact gift to send. The pattern is from the sublime stitching book.


  1. That looks SOOO good. And one of my co-workers made microwave pizza, so I am craving CHEESE. Your tea towel is so cute. I really need to make some...

  2. That looks wonderful. We love asparagus in our house! I'm off to check out the recipe...

  3. Rebekah, Thanks so much for all the knitting info. I've never knit a stitch so I'm starting from square one. I really appreciate the info and the links. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Thanks again!

  4. that tart looks delicious! i would love that tea towel, the guitar is so cute on it!

  5. The tart looks delicious. And the tea towel is so pretty.

  6. Wow, a fabulous cook and seamstress! What more could you want??? The tart looks scrumptios and I just adore your teatowel!!! The colors and the subtlety of it make it so supurb.
    ~Emily in Norway

  7. that tart looks yummy!! xox

  8. Your towel is so cute. I had been wondering what you do on the back of embroidered towels to cover up the unfinished side of the stitching. It looks like your lined it with another fabric. Cool.


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