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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jon and I went to the Shadow Art Fair in Ypsilanti last weekend and came home with these two darling treasures:

Gladys, the Chimean from the morninglorivine

and this adorable mole print from Tugboat Printshop (so ugly it's cute). Jon picked this one out and now we have to find a floating frame for it so that we can hang it up.

And, it was my birthday on Friday. Jon's mom is so great about sending cards for every holiday imaginable...and she always manages to find a card to "son and daughter-in-law." Before seeing all of her cards, I had no idea there were so many cards like this available! It's fun to get happy cards like this every once in a while.

Jon gave me this adorable Miso Soup tote bag that I fell in love with at the japanese bookstore last weekend. It's now home to my embroidery works in progress.

Because it's my "birthday month," I took the liberty of stocking up on a few new treasures for my craft collection...

I'm on an embroidery kick again with these new patterns from Sublime Stitching:

Here's my bird embroidery in progress (everything around here these days is in progress, hence the lack of posting)

And, I bought this stack of Kona Cotton fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics

and I've got the fabric cut and ready to go for my Plain Spoken Quilt. This is actually the quilt pattern that first inspired my desire to start quilting, so I'm excited to put this one together. It was so easy having all of the colors chosen for me with the fat quarter kit, so I'm all set to go.

I finished my first class for library school on Friday and now I have a month off before I start the fall semester. My crafting to do list is long and I'm hoping to fit everything in before I have to return to using my free time for paper writing!


  1. Happy birthday! Lucky you that your birthday stock up coincides with a whole month of time to craft!

  2. Great colors in those solids. I need some good solid colors. I get so drawn to the patterns I forget about the beauty of solids, espcially in really great colors. Love the quilt project. Can't wait to see yours finished.
    Adorable little doll. Makes me want to run downstairs and sew one right now. Maybe I will..... he he

  3. Happy birthday to you! Lovely purchase at the art fair and for your birthday. Your plain spoken is going to be wonderful!

  4. Miso happy, u so happy. That is so cute!

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    Love the gifts and purchases. The quilt be will amazing with these yummy Kona Cottons!!

  6. wow, i don't know where to start telling you how much i love all items in this post. I guess first off: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Then: lovely finds, great shot of the fabrics for your quilt, those colors make me swoon! and the embroidery? can't wait to see what you come up with!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! The embroidery looks amazing - and I can't wait to see that quilt! I love the colors - they are beautiful! What a fun project!

  8. happy bithday! looks like you had a nice one. that fabric is so pretty, all the items you got are! how you said the mole print is so ugly it's cute, reminds me how i think E.T. and Yoda are cute.:)

  9. Happy belated Birthday! I love that doll and all the other goodies you got.

  10. Happy Birthday to you! Love the bag, super cute! Looks like you got a lot of great finds at the art show. I think the mole picture is awsome.

  11. Happy Birthday Rebekah! Love your fabric shots, so colorful! Glad your embroidery finally came in. :~)

  12. happy belated birthday!
    and aren't plain spoken quilts the best? I am working on a small one-it's my second. they are so fabulous and simple.

  13. What a cute bag! Jon is a really great guy, hey! And his mom, so lovely!
    Did you see Amy Butler's new line of plain fabrics? The colours are really similar to what you have put together in your AMAZING quilt.
    Glad you had a happy birthday.


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