Handknit Week: Habitat

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I’ve been eyeing this pattern ever since I first saw it on Brooklyn Tweed back when it debuted last fall. I spent two afternoons putting this hat together and it was a nice change from the mindless pattern repeat knitting that I’m normally used to. I am officially a chart convert. The icons on chart patterns are so much easier to read than written instructions. Now I finally understand why people enjoy knitting from charts so much better!

I love the yarn that I used for this, Louisa Harding Grace Hand-Dyed (and I even picked up two more skeins in a deep purple to make a Foliage Hat). If I could do it again, I would make sure to alternate skeins every 2 rows or so. There was quite a bit of color variation even though they were both from the same dye lot. This yarn is so soft and smooshy and it keeps my head really warm. One other thing to mention is that the dye on this yarn completely bleeds. My once white Denise interchangeable needles are now blue.

Pattern: Habitat by Jared Flood of brooklyntweed
Yarn: Louisa Harding Grace Hand-Dyed
Needle: 7
Size: M/L
Ravelry Link: craftr's Habitat



  1. Oh those charts freak me right out. One time I took a chart and completely wrote it out. I should get over my fear, or at least get glasses so I can read it!

  2. Love-love-love the hat! Have you washed and washed and rinsed and blocked it? Are you concerned about getting blue hair???

  3. it's beautiful and it looks very complex to knit-i'm IMPRESSED!

  4. Great hat! I love the interweaving cables. Am I using the right term? Such a pretty blue too. That's too bad about the bleeding. Can that be fixed?

  5. blue hair--that would be hilarious! but a blue forehead... now that's a different story. love the chunky texture of this hat!

  6. Gorgeous yarn and and beautiful hat! Too bad about the dye running.

  7. wow! you have been knitting up a storm!

  8. Another great hat! Man you have been busy.

  9. such a cute hat! i love jared's stuff... and i love that yarn!

  10. this looks SO complicated!!! but totally worth it!


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