Dashing mitts

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Earlier this year, Carissa and I set up a crafting swap…my knitting for her needlepoint. We’re both tapped out on the hobbies and have an ever increasing selection of our own crafts displayed in our homes, so this was a great way to swap projects without having to invest in or learn a new craft.

I made up these Dashing hand warmers for her. Because this is a men’s pattern and the previous pair that I made for myself came out a little bit too big, I made a few adjustments to the pattern to size it down a bit.

Pattern: Dashing Mits (from Knitty.com)
Yarn: Berroco Pure Merino
Color: Pesto Genovese (perfect because Carissa is a foodie!)
Needles: Size 5 for a smaller gauge
Adjustments: Reduced thumb length to 6 rows and reduced thumb to knuckle length from 18 rows to 14 rows
Rav link: Dashing


  1. They are beautiful! I love the color. What a great idea to do a trade. I hope you show us what she made for you.

  2. Your Dashings looks so soft and it's such a great color.

  3. I love your Dashings! They look great. I also love your finds on etsy. And that room! That room looks like it belongs in a magazine.

  4. Hi, found your blog through a blog through a blog kind of thing... you're blog name stuck out :)
    I'm mostly interested in your quilting work, and it's gorgeous! I'll pop back for updates now and then!

  5. your dashings are stunning! absolutely love the first picture!
    i too hope we'll get to see the needlepoint you get in the trade.

  6. Those are quite dashing indeed! They are on my "get knitting for the holidays, already!" list

  7. carissa is one lucky gal...those are beautiful.

  8. These are super cute! And what a fantastic idea about the craft swap. I'll have to try that with some of my friends.

  9. yes, i AM a lucky gal! The needlepoint is in the works and now that my class is over, maybe there's a chance i'll get it done soon! thanks again for the mitts--i just love them!

  10. So pretty - that's a great pattern.

  11. I just drool everytime I see these types of gloves, but I don't knit!

  12. Oooh, I would love to own a pair of those! Great color!

  13. what a great idea to swap! (i know about being all tapped out on your hobby.) the mitts look wonderful.


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