Carissa's package

Monday, June 1, 2009

Carissa's package arrive last week and now that I've made a trip to IKEA to pick up some frames, I can share what she sent.

Our swap was set up to by my knitting for her needlepoint. I requested a pear needlepoint project and she came through in flying colors!

When I first opened the package, I was looking at the back of her needlepoint. I was really impressed with all of the texture she added to the project. I held up the pear to show Jon and that's when I noticed that I had been looking at the wrong side. The front is even prettier than the back!

Her package contained lots of fun goodies! A beautifully printed tea towel (available in her etsy store, Pidoodle Designs), a cute sticker sheet and a thoughtful card.

Thanks, Carissa!

Here's the framed artwork hanging in our kitchen (complete with the reflection of our pan rack). It's so nice to be able to spice things up in here.

Jon's quip of the day: "It's ap"pear"ant that this will be perfect for our kitchen." *har har har*


  1. A great little swap you did. They look wonderful framed.

  2. Carissa did a wonderful job!

  3. It's beautiful! Hehehe...and Jon is funny! My DH has a similar humor.

  4. oh that pear needlepoint is gorgeous! How fun!

  5. That is the best package! I wish I was near an IKEA ...those frames really show off Carissa's work wonderfully.

  6. I agree with Trisha--it was a great little swap! I had no idea your hubby was so punny....
    gotta go post the pattern on my blog...

  7. Haha - Jon's a punny guy! Lovely pear stitchery!

  8. what a lovely treat! it looks great!

  9. Hee! Usually bad puns make me groan, but for some reason that one made me giggle.

  10. i LOVE the pear! (and jon's corny joke, too.)


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