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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My sister, Rachel, came over last week for a sewing lesson (part deux). We had actually scheduled a sewing night last October and only got so far as picking out the fabric. We were both in the middle of semesters and exhausted, so I'm pretty sure we conked out in front of the tv instead of sewing together.

We came up with this pattern on the fly and based it off of Rachel's messenger bag/purse. The new version is slightly large and has less exterior pockets. She made a pocket on the front with a flap on top (still waiting on a
black button/loop enclosure) and quilted the long strap for extra

Once Rachel sewed the inside of the bag she exclaimed: "it looks like the inside of a vampire's house, doesn't it?"  Hilarious! I totally agree with her, though.

She's already preparing for the next sewing project and has laid a claim to my yard of Heather Ross Octopus Fabric.


And, since she's worn it around town, she says she's received at 10
requests from friends to make one just like it to sell. I have a
feeling she's going to be hanging around my house a lot more often.


  1. It came out great! I love it - and the interior.

  2. Yay - for her for such a great project, and you for passing on the sewing love!
    Not sure I'd let her have the octopus fabric though, lol!

  3. Apparently you need to be taking orders!

  4. I do love that bag...tutorial, perhaps??? My sister doesn't have the slightest interest in sewing with me as much as I hold lovely fabrics over her head...someday!

  5. liking the bag and the fabric!

  6. Ahhh...I wish I had a sister to sew with.

  7. Its fun guiding friends and family through a sewing project, especially simple, useful ones. the bag looks great. How about a magnetic snap tutorial?

  8. ha ha! that's one way to get her hooked on sewing!


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