Happy Birthday, Jon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thanks for keeping me laughing!
(Photo mashup by Jon's coworker, Jeff)

Jon, lover of all rodents, especially guinea pigs and capybaras. Known to some as Dr. Jon Doolittle, the animal whisperer.

Hula Hooping from Rebekah on Vimeo.

Jon, learner of new things, like Hula Hooping. (If you listen carefully you can hear me hyperventilating in the background because I am laughing so hard - partly because Um Bop is playing, and partly because of Jon)

P.S. I will try not to relive the cake disaster of 2005 again


  1. LOL! Such a riot! I love that he kept trying hehehe I recently was handed a hula hoop and I'm just glad it wasn't committed to video :)

  2. Hahahahaha, that's great! Love the photo and the video! You guys look like you're having so much fun. Is that your basement? The projector is a cool idea, especially when you use it to play mm bop, hahaha. This reminded me so much of hanging out with my friends! Hope Jon had an awesome Birthday!

  3. That is such a great picture! Happy Birthday, Jon! Our daughter and I both LOVE capybaras. Wouldn't some capybara fabric be cute, kind of like the donkeys in rainboots fabric?

  4. that picture is too funny.....Happy Birthday Jon...

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! You'll never get older if you keep laughing and learning new things - that video was hysterical!

  6. Happy Birthday, Jon, and keep hooping!

  7. That's just awesome. I can relate -- my husband, lover of all animals, has an odd fascination with squirrels. He loves to take our five-year-old to the park and feed them peanuts. Seriously, loves it.

  8. happy birthday to Jon!!! the picture is so cool and the video is really funny, is great see people having fun!!

  9. OY, I hope that was photoshopped!

  10. I swear you two have the best relationship ever...there's nothing better than laughter and you two laugh a lot. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Jon!

  11. happy birthday to jon!
    as a fellow lover of large rodents i especially loved that first photoshopped gem!
    and the video is just icing on the birthday cake - m'bop *and* hoola-hooping?!?! what more could one ask for?!?!
    (obviously, aside from a capybara who loves snuggling)

  12. Happy Birthday Jon!
    keep trying new things!


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