the road trip

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

After the wedding, we headed to Vermont for a week long stay at a cabin in the mountains. We made a stopover at Niagara Falls on our way east.


We were surprised at how nice and non-kitschy our cabin was.



One of the highlights of our trip was our tour of the Ben & Jerry's HQ in Waterbury, VT. We treated ourselves to a pint of Half-Baked.



We also did some antique and health food shopping and some exploring in nearby towns.The scenery and pace of life in Vermont was a nice change from Detroit strip malls and hectic schedules. It was such a relaxing getaway!



We did it!

Jon and I were married on March 18, 2006 at the Salem Walker Church in Northville, MI. We're so glad the wedding craziness is over and done with! Everything went smoothly and mostly as we had planned. We had a beautiful day and were surrounded by a small group of family and friends. It was a low key celebration, keeping with our style, and we enjoyed every minute of it.



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