Modern Cross Stitch Pattern Round Up

Friday, May 9, 2014

Over the past year, glimpses of cute cross stitch designs on Instagram have slowly been luring me into trying a new hobby. 

For some reason, cross stitch never really appealed to me. I think I was intimidated by the tiny grids and exact patterns, not to mention the thought of starting another craft stash. Now that adorable designs are more plentiful, it was harder and harder for me to resist.

I finally caved a few months ago and I'm completely smitten. I'm drawn to the thrill of slowly seeing a pattern emerge and being able to mindfully finish a design stitch by stitch (kind of like colorwork knitting). Being able to buy a pattern and supplies to finish a project for under $20-30 isn't too bad either!

I've been scouring the web for patterns and here are some of my favorite designers and shops:

Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery   
The company that started it all for me. I'm anxiously awaiting their new Cherry Blossom design. I'm not a Halloween fan, but their adorable Frankenstein in the Mysterious Halloween Town Club is calling my name. 

I just started her Pretty Little Tokyo design. Her color sense is impeccable and designs are adorable. I'd love to stitch up every single one of her designs.

*  Voyage  *  Pretty Little Amsterdam  *  Forest  * 

Gera designs from Superbuzzy - Flickr group  
Adorably cute Japanese fairy tale and gnome designs

I heart their kitchen gadgets and cuckoo clock designs.

Cute character collections from your favorite television shows. The IT Crowd design was my first ever cross stitch project

Lots of cute, smaller designs.

Cross Stitch project supplies
I combined the BibimbapKimchi and Korean Thank You designs to make a thank you card cover.

I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to stitch up one of these Bad Grammar Series designs due to OCD, but I am such a fan!

*  Your Awesome *   Your Welcome    *  Welcome to Are Home  * 

Cute and vintage-style patterns from a variety of designers

I check these out digitally from my library's Zinio magazine collection (check to see if your local library subscribes!). I've had the best time poring through the last 10 issues of designs. Lots of great contemporary designs in all sizes. Each issue has a basic getting started guide with great pictures.

I discovered this British designer through Cross Stitcher magazine and she's my new favorite. Her typography, pretty colors and fresh designs are so adorable. I want to make one of each of her designs.

I've started a Cross Stitch board on Pinterest for more inspiration. I'd love to find more great designs. Please comment if you have any favorites (or have a pinterest board you'd love to share)!

Cross Stitch Project Bag

And, last but not least, I put together two zipper pouches to hold cross stitch projects. I have been trying for years and years to make a pouch with a crisp right angle next to each zipper. This tutorial from Jedi Craft Girl finally clicked for me when she pointed out that you should clip the zipper next to the seam before flipping right side out. I now have 2 new pouches with beautiful corners!

Cross Stitch Project Bag

Cross Stitch Project Bag


  1. Awesome post! You are lucky to be able to check out the Cross Stitcher from your library- that magazine is a little pricey but it has awesome patterns. I think this is a great roundup of modern designs. I have found that stitching on linen instead of aida cloth makes cross stitch look a little more modern too.

  2. Awesome round up - thanks! I will be sure to follow your Pinterest board. Another designer I found is Jacqui Pearce.


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