Arithmetic & Modern Maples quilts

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

fabric for Arithmetic Quilt

During my quilting hiatus, I was on a fabric buying hiatus by default. Once I discovered the new semi-local quit shop, Pink CastleFabrics, I have been bingeing on all of this great new fabric that’s available. I love looking at beautiful patterns and colors, so naturally fabric (and stationery and wrapping paper) are all fun for me to use.

I love scrappy charm square quilts, so the Arithmeticpattern was calling my name. As I was folding some of my new purchases, I came up with this bundle of teal, citron, navy and gray. This is pretty much my all-time favorite color combo (and the colors in my living room), and I was so excited to put this one together.

My little assistant

Apparently Nuku Nuku was super excited too! I’ve been holding out on a design wall because it just doesn’t look pretty when it’s not in use, so for now I’ll have to take my chances with our bedroom floor space.

Arithmetic Quilt

Arithmetic Quilt binding

I love this gray comma fabric that I used for the binding. I miraculously had 4 yards of this backing fabric in my pre-hiatus stash. I must have purchased it for the back of a different quilt, but now I can’t remember what was earmarked.

. . .

Modern Maples Quilt

While I was away, I also seemed to miss out on the HeyPorkchop blog (and subsequently thought about learning how to cross stitch to make these adorable patterns). I immediately fell in love with her Modern Maples quilt pattern (also love this Maple O’s quilt).  I pulled lots of fall colored fabric and rushed to finish this before winter.

Modern Maples Quilt 
I made it while we still had leaves on the ground….but not before our first snowfall this year (yikes!).

Modern Maples Quilt Binding

For the binding on this, I used fabric from my favorite new line, Sunprints by Alison Glass. I can't get enough of her colors and fun designs.

back at it & Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I blinked and nearly two years have past since I've blogged. Oops! A new job and a new puppy proved to be quite demanding for a while. I've been settling into a more balanced routine, which includes spending more time working on sewing and quilting projects (knitting has always been 100% compatible with a codependent lap dog!).

Chambray triangles for Jodi

I attended a quilt show in August and was super excited about all the new-to-me fabric options and purchased a few Denyse Schmidt fat quarters and a set of these gorgeous chambray solids. Audrie and Erica's isosceles triangle quilts were my main inspiration for this one.

Chambray triangles for Jodi

This was made for my friend, Jodi, in memory of a dear friend who spent many years working in the middle east. The rich color palette reminds me of the beautiful textiles and fabrics from that area. Finishing this quilt perfectly coincided with her visit from Belgium and it was fun to catch up and give it to her in person. I used the zebra-esque print because zebras are symbolically significant to Jodi.

+ + +

Koko the sheep

Jon is almost as obsessed with sheep as I am with knitting, so he requested a sheep costume for Koko for Halloween. I used a black dog shirt for the base of this and sewed on small loops of Polwarth and Merino roving. It took forever and was ridiculously expensive for a dog costume. There's about 12 oz of wool attached to this pup. I even had a meltdown halfway through because it was taking so long and I wanted to give up. But we're so happy with how it turned out. Next year, we're buying a costume instead!

Koko the sheep

As she was walking around sniffing the yard, small pieces of vegetable matter kept attaching to the bottom side...just like a real sheep! Koko's a great sport!

 + + +

While away from blogging, I jumped on the instagram bandwagon. You can find me as rebekah725. (Warning: it's 75% pet photos!)

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