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Friday, August 4, 2006

It's been a busy week and it's been especially hectic at work for me. I spent over seven, that's right, seven hours on the phone with Jeffrey T. in the tech support department trying to figure out why our system did a complete nose dive - he didn't know either. In fact, I think I've talked to Jeffrey T. more than I've talked to Jon this week. He got phone calls from me every day. But hopefully those problems are over for me next week.

In other news...

Jon got his new Yaris last Thursday. Here's a picture for a size comparison.


Toyota Yaris: 40 mpg highway

Hummer H2: 13 mpg highway

On Saturday morning we finished off our jug of pure Vermont Maple Syrup, purchased on our honeymoon. We've been having pancakes or french toast just about every Saturday morning since returning home. According to Jon, "I guess the honeymoon's over now."


And, we had a family birthday/pool party at my grandparents' house last Sunday. A 25th birthday for me and an 8th birthday for Cal, my youngest cousin. We got our own cakes and one candle each. I guess 33 candles were not to be found.


Ruth made me the coolest gift...can you guess what it is?


Still trying to read through my book stack. Have been stuck on Atonement all week, as I haven't found any spare time to read. I have a feeling there will be some renewals coming up soon!

I'm super excited for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I'll see some cool finds!

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