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Monday, August 14, 2006

Jon and I took a very quick road trip to State College, PA this weekend for Mel's wedding. We did not do too well in the navigational area this weekend. Lots of back tracking and wrong turns happened. Either we couldn't understand the PA road configuration or google maps was really off. But, we made it in time and had a great time while we were visiting.

Mel is number three out of five of my college roommates to get married. We all had a bet going back when we were living together as to the order of when we'd all get married. I'm not sure if we had any correct guesses, but we'll never know for sure because we never recorded the final predictions.


The wedding was in perfect Melissa style and she and Jim did such a nice job planning everything. I especially liked her little pieces of Mexico included in the wedding. She bought her dress at a dress shop in Mérida that sells clothing made out of henequen (sisal). And, instead of having a traditional wedding cake, she and Jim took turns hitting a wedding cake piñata.


The highlight of the whole wedding had to have been seeing her very traditional family break it down on the dance floor. The father/daughter dance was the first time her dad had ever danced in public. Mel said that when she first told him about wanting to dance with him the phone went silent for a few minutes and she had to ask him if he was still there. Afterward, her mom and brother joined in on the fun and went crazy - I've never seen this side of them. Then Jon and I (and about everyone else in the hall) died laughing when this little boy got his groove on to Michael Jackson's Thriller. He was full on break dancing - flips, back handsprings, head spins, splits...you name it, he was all over it.


See the rest of the wedding pictures here.

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  1. any pictures of the rings? looks like a fun time and a fun trip getting lost :)


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