Garden 2010: Week 2

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here's my belated garden post this week...
2010 Garden Week 2
In an effort to keep up on the weeding (one of my goals for this year), I had to do a quick run through of the veggie garden before taking these pictures. Those weeds popped up fast this year! Now I can see how weeding once a week is a lot more fun than a long 2 hour session once a month (ahem, yes we are lazy weeders!)

We lost one turnip green already and I accidentally weeded a pepper plant, so we've had two casualties so far.

The direct sow seeds are popping up already and their little blooms are so cute! I'm so excited for the radishes to grow. Home grown radishes are so much tastier (and spicier) than store bought radishes.

Last weekend Jon and I went flower shopping together (big mistake as we are both enablers!)
Part Sun Container Garden
We did two part sun pots for our front porch,

Shade Container Garden
two full shade pots for our back patio, and some more herb pots.

potted herbs
After reading a bit more about edible herbs and fun drinks that you can make with them in Grow Great Grub, I got some more herbs to plant in my neglected strawberry pot (Apple Mint, Orange Thyme, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Lemon Verbena).

potted herbs
I also got a few more varieties of basil (Thai, Spicy Globe, Purple), and a dark purple shiso plant (shown with a dill, oregano, and parsley pot, too).

Korean Fir Horstman's Silberlocke
Our big purchase of the day was this specimen, Korean Fir Horstman's Silberlocke. We're trying to add more evergreens to the front of our house so that the landscaping looks nice year round. This tree is about 3 feet tall right now and is a slower growing fir with a crazy shape. Once we move some of the perennials in the front garden around to make more space, I'll take a picture of the whole tree. This is a slower growing evergreen and it looks more like a giant bonsai tree than a landscaping tree, so Jon and I were both excited to add this to our garden!

I'll leave you with shots of some perennials that are in bloom in the garden right now.
Peony (and ants!)

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  1. You both sure have a green thumb! Your garden and pots are beautiful. Do you enjoy doing it? I think what looks so pretty is the varied colors and heights in your pots.

  2. I love lemon verbena, smells so good. Pineapple sage is another nice herb, if you're looking for anything else.
    Love that fir you bought, the white one the needles is so pretty.

  3. Haha - accidentally weeded a pepper plant - see, that would be me, I'd have nothing BUT weeds in my garden because I wouldn't be able to tell! Love the flowers you got and that tree looks and sounds wonderful.

  4. Everything looks so pretty, Rebekah! It looks like you and Jon are doing a great job.

  5. My neighbor just told me I could plant in the front garden here...herbs it is! Your garden is looking so lovely...I've always found weeding to be somewhat therapeutic (though seam ripping which is the crafting equivalent drives me nuts!!)

  6. gorgeous gorgeous!
    i'm completely coveting that blue pot with all the wonderful greens!

  7. Your garden is amazing! I love all the herbs that you have planted and the flowers, they all look so lovely! And smell fantastic I'm sure.

  8. Your garden is looking great. Thanks for the photo tour! I have a blue herb pot just like yours. Usually my rosemary grows in that one! I am thinking of having some different thymes for all the little holes.

  9. you both are doing a great job with the garden!! your herbs looks amazing and tho flowers are so beautiful!!

  10. Ah -- an enabler. My husband sticks to mowing and weedwacking. He doesn't care at all about the flowers and veggies. You're lucky for the company. And don't feel too badly about losing a few -- last year, I lost about 14 tomato plants to frost. I wanted to cry.

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