NYTimes: felted rugs

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I came across this article in the NY Times (via Ravelry) about artist, Dana Barnes, and the giant rugs she crochets and felts out of wool roving...

I am drooling over this loft and those cheery rugs. But, oh...the dust they must accumulate!
See more photos here.


  1. Wool is supposed to be a natural dust mite repellant. Did you look at the pricing?

  2. Wow, loft's are so cool. Love all the colors of the rugs. I want to hop in the photo and sit on one.

  3. She must have an industrial washer and dryer to felt those!!!! Wow they're cheery.

  4. wow! what a beautiful place! but you are right the dust... and if you have cats or dogs... imagine the hair that they must accumulate!


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