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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here are the latest blocks I've completed for the various bees that I am participating in.

Common Threads
Wendy's Block
First up is a tall, sweater wearing girl for Wendy. I used light weight washable yarn for the sweater portion.

And here's a block of pluses and minuses for Amanda.

Maverick Star Blocks for Jessica
Maverick Stars for Jessica.

Jess' block for Common Threads
Jess' block (see her quilt inspiration here)

 Textural w/ a pop of color block for Sarah
A textured block with a pop of color for Sarah (full shot of block was blurry so here's just a snippet of the block).

Bee Beautiful
Block for Audrie

Block for Audrie
Patchwork blocks for Audrie.

Penny's Block
A tulip block for Penny.

Julie's Block
Julie's Block
Neptune squares for Julie.

 Spider Blocks for Natalie
And Spiderweb blocks for Natalie.

Mid Mod Quilt Bee
A few months ago, Rossie invited me to join the new bee she started with Cheryl (of Naptime Quilter). The bee is based on the mid-century modern design aesthetic and all of the blocks will be mostly improvised and pattern free.

mid mod kelp quilt fabric
(photo by r0ssie)
Her concept for the month is creating a kelp quilt with these varying shades of red and orange fabric that she flat dyed (simply robin tutorial here).
Kelp Block for R0ssie
Here's the kelp block I made. The hand dyed fabric was really fun to work with. It's so saturated and full of interesting little variations.


  1. That first block is so interesting! I'd be curious to see that finished quilt.

  2. WOW! How many bees are you in? I love the one with the knit.

  3. goodness me, you are amazing!! all of these blocks are stunning!
    i am especially loving that tulip block, and the kelp forest... what fun!

  4. You have been busy!! What a wonderful variety of things to work on.

  5. You must be having a ball playing with all this lovely fabric -- I like the no pattern quilting best! That's right up my alley.

  6. GREAT blocks - love that tulip especially!

  7. I love the look of that midcentury design. Might have to play with that.

  8. I am amazed by these blocks - the sweater one seems very reflective!
    I absolutely adore your texture block. But that orange kelp block - wow! Her fabrics.... gasp!

  9. Your bee partners are very lucky! You do beautiful work. My favorites are the girl with the sweater, the textured block and the kelp block.

  10. Wow, you have been busy! That's a lot of bee blocks!

  11. Wow, you are in a lot of bees! Some great finishes

  12. I didn't realize how many bees you're a part of. So fun to see all the variety! The kelp quilt is a really neat idea.

  13. wow! that is a lot of work!! love the R0ssie's block, looks like a very interesting proyect!

  14. wow- you have certainly been busy with the quilting bees. they blocks look great!

  15. It was neat to meet you on Saturday --- I loved the colors in the top you put together! Working with my MIL was a good thing, but reinforced once again that she and I come from rather different quilting camps. *grin* An enjoyable day all around!

  16. I love your willing spirit to share such beautiful work with others! How fortunate they are to have you creating for them!

  17. love the kelpy block--that's going to turn into a great quilt. i'm a little jealous of the mid-mod quilting bee participants, but i must admit that my boy is keeping me a bit more busy these days. you may have noticed that i'm a little behind schedule with my blocks for Common Threads....

  18. these are wonderful! it must be so much fun to do all these different bees and get to dabble in so many different styles!


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