Fenton, MI Road Trip

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm: Shop
My mom and I took a mini day trip up to Fenton, MI to visit Heavenly Scent Herb Farm. If you love looking at pretty flowers, gardening, or visiting cute boutiques, this is the place to go! The store is filled with herbs, fun kitchen tools, gift books, and home decor.

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm
The greenhouse is filled with lots of basic herbs, plus a few unusual varieties thrown in for good measure.

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm: Faerie Garden
The farm has a miniature faerie garden and has lots of supplies for creating your own faerie garden at home. Seeing this photo kind of makes me want to get into model train building, but I will never go down that road. :)

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm: Shade Container
I loved this shade container garden. I think it's the first time begonias have ever looked pretty to me. There are begonias, double impatiens, ivy, maidenhair fern and one other type of fern in this container.

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm: Kaleidoscope
One part of the garden has this giant flower kaleidoscope. You can twist the kaleidoscope to see the flowers in front of it form really pretty fractured images.

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm: Arbors
I loved this area of the gardens most. The pergola and fountain look so formal, but the raised beds on either side are actually vegetable gardens. It's definitely the prettiest veggie garden I've ever seen!

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm: Bear's Breeches
Here's a picture of my favorite flower (an honor also shared with Baptisia) - Bear's Breeches.

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm
If you're in the area, definitely stop by for lots of inspiration! They have a Summer Faire coming up at the end of August with lots of artisans, workshops and a delicious catered lunch. My mom and I will be returning to visit soon.

You can see the rest of my photos of the gardens on flickr here.

After visiting the farm, we stopped at The French Laundry for lunch. I didn't take any pictures at the restaurant, but it's a fun mix of Zingerman's Deli and a typical French Cafe and the food was delicious. They even had several vegetarian sandwiches on the menu, along with lots of soups and salads.


  1. I live in Fenton and never heard of the Herb Farm. It looks Lovely! Will have to make a point to run over there soon.
    I am enjoying watching your garden bed grow this summer and keep sharing the progress with my hubby.

  2. I have been taking a liking to begonias lately too!
    Do you live in MI?

  3. gorgeous gorgeous pictures - looks like a wonderful place to visit!

  4. I used to eat at the French Laundry all the time when I lived in Holly (and worked in Fenton)! I haven't heard of the Herb Farm, but I only lived in MI for 18 months. Very nice pictures!

  5. Beautiful! I love trips like this, and it makes me miss working in the floral industry. Bear's Breeches have been a fav of mine too, unfortunately they don't do so well in my soil though. The fairy garden is amazing, I wish I was tiny just so I could wonder around in it!

  6. I am taken by that orb on a pedestal in the greenhouse. It is just so fantastic among the plants. Now, I can see why your garden looks so good - you have great inspiration around you!

  7. I now want a faerie garden -- who wouldn't? What a magical place. You must be so very inspired.

  8. Looks like you had a great day! Zingerman's? You're making my mouth water...gotta get to Ann Arbor soon ;)

  9. Beautiful photos! I love double impatiens - I used to have them in my garden every year, but I haven't gotten out to get them early enough in the last few years.

  10. that place is like a beautiful dream! and I think it is perfect to spend the day with mom! lovely photos!

  11. So, so pretty! I just love the flowers!! What a great way to spend time with your mom!!

  12. Thanks for the post - I sent it to my mom who lives near Fenton. This is definitely up her alley!

  13. thanks for sharing a great destination spot!
    I'll have to add it to our "go to" list!

  14. so fun! day trips are the best. miss you. xox


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