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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Jon and I decided to tackle the wee bunny project seen on wee wonderfuls this weekend. I was pretty surprised to hear Jon say that he wanted to try out sewing, but given his love for all things stuffed, cute and animal, it shouldn't have been so shocking. We picked up the supplies at Joann Etc yesterday and started tracing, cutting and pinning. This project would have been so much easier if we (1.) had a sewing machine, (2.) knew how to sew, (3.) had a little bit more patience! We worked for a few hours yesterday afternoon and got most of the sides and ears sewn together. We finished up the bunnies this afternoon. Shinji and Nuku Nuku are quite impressed with our creations. Well, at least they liked licking the plastic on the polyester filling bag and chasing after the thread while we were sewing.

Here they are...our wee bunnies:





  1. I am so impressed! all that stitching by hand and they look fantastic :)

  2. way too cute! nice work.


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