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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I took a little road trip last night to see the Yarn Harlot speak at the Ann Arbor Public Library. It was crazy to see so many knitters in one place! I ended up watching her chat from the room with the closed circuit feed because I didn't arrive in time for a seat in the live action room. She gave a great, inspiring, and hilarious talk (she sounds just like her blog/book writing!). And, I was able to finish up my second ball band dish cloth while I listened. I love multitasking!

The Cobblestone Pullover is coming along, slowly but surely. At least now it's looking more and more like a real sweater and not just a mish mash of knitted parts! I think I've figured out the whole short row thing (fingers crossed), so now I've just got to finish up the yoke and pray that it fits Jon! I'm not so sure I've got it in me to knit another sweater, though. Those dish cloths are so quick, easy and instantly gratifying! Maybe I'll change my mind once I have a finished object in my hands...who knows?

And finally, this little treasure came in the mail for me earlier this week. A Matryoshka doll from rosehip. I've been admiring these dolls for a while now and was so happy to have a chance to buy one when they first debuted. It's even cuter in person!


  1. that evening must have been fun! and i've been loving your dish cloths, i love the pattern!
    plus, that matryoshka doll? adorable!

  2. I like multi-tasking, too. :) how many others there were knitting, I am curious.
    and the sweater is looking amazing!

  3. I love your blog! And I miss you guys.

  4. Your sweater is coming along really well! Hope you enjoy finishing it :)

  5. I got to the library around 4:30, and snagged a front row. By 5:30, the room was full! I didn't see any dishcloth knitters in the room, else I'd have come to say hi, I'm a ballband fiend!

  6. Too funny- that you were knitting while listening to a speaker on a knitting book. Multi tasking rules. The sweater is looking quite nice. Very, very nice work.

  7. Your knitting projects are so impressive! I'm going to have to learn one of these days. (It would be nice to have a project I could bring along with me. Carting the sewing machine around just isn't a viable option!)


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