Handknit Week: Center Square

Friday, January 16, 2009

Center Square

This was one of the first projects that I saw on Knitty and was drawn to back when I first started knitting in 2006. I set it aside because I knew I would never try fair isle or stranded knitting. After becoming obsessed with Norwegian Mittens (thanks to the book Selbuvotter), I wanted to give myself a fairly simple beginner project to try out before jumping into the fingering weight projects.  After watching the fair isle video on knittinghelp.com, I was able to figure out continental knitting and carrying yarn in two hands, so I decided to give this project a try.

The only difficulty I had as a new continental knitter (for the left strand only), was that I was having a hard time knitting with doubled yarn and larger needles. The hat is still a bit bumpy due to gauge issues, but I’m pretty sure that a good blocking will help that out. Now, I'm definitely ready to start making some Norwegian mittens.

The yarn, Heavenly, is a soft, soft superwash merino, The lady at the yarn store said she’s had great luck with this yarn for baby projects. I would definitely use this yarn again, and it’s extremely affordable for wool ($4.50/100 yds).

Pattern: Center Square from Knitty
Yarn: Elegant Yarns Heavenly
Needle: 11
Size: one size
Ravelry Link: craftr's Center Square


  1. Ooo. It looks fantastic. Can't see the bumps! :)
    Norwegian mittens, huh? You're my knitting hero.

  2. I love this hat! It looks very soft and warm. The pattern is really eye catching. :~)

  3. The hat looks great! You are totally ready for the mittens- I can't wait to see them. I'm enjoying knitting from that book a lot and I'm almost done with my second pair.

  4. ok, seriously? i am SO impressed!

  5. I could totally use a hat like that in this -15 degree weather! It's great!!!

  6. Pretty! I super duper stink at multi-color knitting (almost all my projects are textured instead) so I admire you for jumping in. Looking forward to your mittens!


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