Dolores Park Cowl

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, my lenten shopping freeze ended ended almost two weeks ago and have I got the packages and yarn coming in to prove it. This project was the result of the visit to one of my favorite local yarn shops, ...have you any wool?. I stopped in the store because I had 10 minutes to spare before a doctor's appointment (gosh, I've got no self control, do I?) and came out with yarn for two projects.

(a multi-tasker at heart...talking with Catherine, while taking a picture. Hi Cathy!)

I knit this cowl on Saturday and I loved working with Malabrigo for the first time. Because I bought the worsted version, I just double the yarn for the pattern and I left out two rows. I ended up having about 6 inches of yarn leftover, so it was a good thing I did.

Here are the details:
Pattern: Dolores Park Cowl
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted
Color: 92 Little Lovely
Needles: Size 13
Rav link: craftr's dolores park cowl


  1. Beautiful cowl! Malabrigo is so addicting.

  2. Beautiful yarn! I love the color. I have yet to experience the wonders of Malabrigo myself. I hear it is heavenly. BTW, what a cute name for a yarn store.

  3. a friend made me this very cowl... and i love it! the malabrigo is just lovely, and i adore your color choice!

  4. That yarn is so great! I have two skeins I can't wait to use.

  5. That yarn looks gorgeous. Yarn and fabric is better than candy! I love the color ~ beautiful. Love the neck warmer, perfect for spring.

  6. It is a great cowl! I don't think that I could resist a yarn shop with that name!

  7. it's so pretty! and i love that you are multi-tasking. hee hee.


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