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Friday, July 31, 2009

Jon and I have two deeply rooted animal infatuations. He loves guinea pigs and I love pugs. Unfortunately, we have two very spoiled kitties who would revolt if we ever brought a new family member into our house, so we are a two cat family.

To satisfy his guinea pig obsession, Jon searches youtube for guinea pig videos, visits the pet aisle at Meijer, and thinks often of his childhood guinea pig, Sammy. He found a gem this morning which pairs his favorite fruit with his favorite rodent (double score!):

Guinea pigs are so cute!


  1. Well that's just beyond cute!!! My hubs and I love cats and we'd have a bazillion if we could. Just our two little Ragdoll girls for now though :)

  2. totally made my day! this video is soooo cute!
    ps: just finished reading "the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society: and for some reason thought you'd love it!

  3. cute is that! My two dogs plus one baby is more than I can handle at the moment.

  4. Reminds me of my childhood. I had 2 guinea pigs that were suppose to be both males then multiplied to 4 GP then seperated them, but multiplied once again to 8 GP. We had to give the last 4 away, very sad. Now I live with 2 pugs, a black one and a tan one. Pugs are fun, but very hyper!

  5. oh i *do* love the guinea pigs!!
    i could watch that clip all day long...
    i had one a few years back and would love to get another one (or two, they're happier in pairs!) now that lily's old enough.
    all i have to do is convince brian that it's a good idea and find space for them to live!

  6. Cute cute cute, but watch the fingers, lol! For some reason guinea pigs always remind of the Trouble With Tribbles episode of Star Trek.

  7. How sweet! I used to sneak our hamster strawberries all the time..never thought of watermelon.

  8. Adorable! Does that guinea pig have a hair clip in? too cute...


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