Memorial Day Weekend in Ohio

Friday, June 4, 2010

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Ohio visiting our friends, Scott and Melissa, and their brood of cute pets. It's always nice to find friends who enjoy (read: are a little too into) their pets as much as we enjoy our little kitties!
On Saturday we gathered up our bikes and rode along the Towpath trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Here's where I would like to apologize to the great State of Ohio for thinking of it only as one of two highways to drive through to get to a more interesting state! Ohio is really cool! The scenery is beautiful, the houses are cute and there is tons of stuff to see and do. I will never take it for granted again!

  Jon & Scott searching for the bullfrog
We spotted this bullfrog after hearing loud sounds coming from this old lock system situated along the trail.


After our bike ride, we drove over to Brandywine Falls to check out the gorgeous waterfall.
Brandywine Falls
Jon bought a new dSLR that shoots video a few months ago (as part of his unofficial yearly video camera trade in). It's been fun seeing all of the pictures he takes and seeing his perspective on things, but now we've both been taking inordinate amounts of pictures of each other taking pictures.
one of many on each of our respective cameras
We shot this picture just before we headed back to Michigan on Monday. Thanks, Scott and Melissa, for a fabulous weekend!


  1. What a sweet pets and what a lovely weekend!

  2. what a great weekend!
    i will confess to having a similar opinion of ohio. although after your gorgeous pictures i'll have to reconsider!

  3. looks like an amazing week end!
    i love pet lovers :)

  4. What a wonderful weekend spent with friends (furry ones too). Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!! The waterfall is beautiful.

  5. Looks like you were down in my hometown area. My parents don't live far off the southern end of the trail. How fun to reconnect with good friends!!

  6. from the looks of your trip, it seems that i should also reevaluate my attitude towards ohio. we have friends in columbus who swear it is really beautiful there too, but i remain skeptical.

  7. so...Jack Johnson has a song on his new CD called "Pictures of People Taking Pictures"...maybe a new theme song??


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