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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am slowly getting back on track on the home front...

While I was away, Jon and I attended GenCon in Indianapolis with a few of our friends.
I innocently thought we'd be attending a board game convention and had no idea the nerdiness that we were going to encounter that weekend! There were tons of people dressed up in Anime, video game, and RenFair costumes, lots of very single and very socially awkward guys, and random booths filled with leather paraphernalia. It was definitely a great weekend for people watching! We did end up leaving with a few Euro boardgames, but I'm not sure if I can handle attending this again!

I was reunited with two of my very favorite friends, Catherine and Jodi, who were both visiting from Europe. Maybe one day we'll all live on the same continent again. Any idea how I can acquire a job in the E.U.? (kidding, Mom!)

And, thanks to ANOTHER kitchen fire last week, our entire first floor was scrubbed and cleaned from top to bottom to remove smoke and fire extinguisher residue. Jon is no longer allowed around oil and burners in our house! (all because he was innocently trying to season a cast iron pan with oil)
Jon's sweater in progress
Between all of our summer plans and work busyness, I have been holed up in front of Netflix InDemand watching old episodes of Law & Order and knitting like a madwoman. I've got two (steeked!) colorwork cardigans, 2 hats, and lots of dishcloths that I've added to my finished objects pile. I am officially ready for fall to begin! I'll share the finished sweaters once it is cold enough to wear the cardigans. Right now, we only have the tolerance to try them on for 5 seconds at a time while strategically positioned in from of our A/C unit.


  1. My husband went to GenCon in Indy one year with a friend and he came back with lots of crazy photos. Sounds like a great place for people watching!

  2. oh man what a crazy-nerd-fun convention. too bad you and jon were not in costume though... :)
    love the sneak peek a the sweater, it looks gorgeous!

  3. sounds like you're having lots of fun moments!! can't wait to see all your knitting goodness. it really is great eye candy. I'm so impressed!

  4. I think I'd love to go just for the people-watching, lol - sounds fun! You three look darling, how nice to meet up with friends.
    Oh no, my hubby is always seasoning the skillets too - maybe I should get a fire extinguisher - so glad the house didn't burn down!
    Your sweater looks great, but no, you don't want to put it on now - yikes! Wait til the weekend, lol.

  5. GenCon sounds like a one time must do.
    We had one of those oil fires in our oven (thanks to my middle child). Luckily baking soda worked to put it out!
    Love the sweater! My girls and I are working our way through Veronica Mars on Netflix InDemand. I think we're about halfway through the second season.

  6. I rub my cast iron pan with a little oil and put in on the stove on a very low setting and forget about it for 30 mins. I've never started a fire, and it works very well. I don't normally jump in with uninvited suggestions, but I'm just interested in your safety!

  7. I'd be curious to go to a gencon convention. Not a big nerd here, but people watching would be a lot of fun! Sorry to hear about the fire, luckily you have an exstinguisher, we don't even have one just for incase, maybe we should pick one up. I'm so in the mood for fall to hurry and get here! I've been so busy sewing, but I'm missing knitting and crocheting and hope to get back to it soon, your sweater looks so pretty!

  8. You've been away too long -- I missed you. I'm in a Fall mood too, but it's another 90 degree day here and I can bear to play with wool. Your sweater looks great.

  9. Glad to see you got your geek on! LOL!
    That sweater will be gorgeous! I haven't been knitting that much because of home improvements. But I do have my weekly knitting group that I go to.

  10. pretty sweater!
    i literally laughed out loud at your "lots of very single and very socially awkward guys" comment. ha!

  11. One of these days, I'm going to have to attend a nerd festival. I'm putting it on the list.
    Looking forward to the results of your steeking!

  12. a nerd convention? it sounds terrific and very fun!!
    love the detail of that sweater, it looks fantastic!

  13. My husband went to GenCon. He loved it. He and his friends were of the "normal" sect. He came home with a few interesting stories. :) And tales of people dressing up in SteamPunk. Whatever works for you, I guess...haha.


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