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Monday, March 5, 2007

I'm just getting back into the swing of things as the weekend I just had needs its own new weekend to recover from.

Jon hopped on a plane yesterday morning for a few days of After Effects training in Charlotte. And I headed out to the Detroit Kennel Club dog show with my fellow dog-loving former college roommate Amber. She got to see her beloved Australian Shepherds and I got to see two little pugs that are up for adoption with the Michigan Pug Rescue. Let me tell you...if they would have let me adopt one (or both) of those little pugs on the spot I totally would have! The plan is to fill out the application and turn it in when we return from Japan. I've wanted a pug for years and the time is just about right to add another little fur ball to our family...hopefully the cats won't mind too much.


And on a side note: lots of the dog handlers store the dog treats in their mouths! I hope they're giving the dogs beef jerky or some other human food!

After the dog show, we had a delicious barbecue dinner at Slow's Bar-BQ in Detroit. I guess I introduced Amber to the real Detroit, as she saw her first warehouse fire in the reflection of the window across the street from our table. It's always something, right?


And my not so little anymore sister, Ruth, turned 23 yesterday. We had a family party for her on Saturday night at our house and broke out the catch phrase again for a good clean game of family fun...it really brings out the quirks in everyone's personality. And...we had yet another fire in our house as the cookies on top of her cake caught on fire while we were waiting for her to blow out the candles.

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