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Sunday, March 25, 2007


We arrived in Japan after a long flight and lots of interrupted sleep. Joel promptly put us to work packing up his apartment on Friday night and Saturday morning. There was a lot of teasing going on as Jon and I never really realized how much of a packrat Joel is. He literally had two large shopping bags filled with plastic japanese bags that he wanted to bring back with him. Some other things we made him part with...orange plastic hangers, $3 Old Navy flip flops, clothes pins and a fabric covered piece of cardboard. Joel is still trying to pack up his belongings, but we have gotten to do some other things in the meantime.

On Saturday night we went to an izakaya, a japanese drinking and hanging out place, for Joel's going away party. We literally sat and ate little plates of food for about five hours straight. The food was delicious and it was fun to meet some of Joel's new friends and see past visitors to Michigan that we have met in the last three years.



Jon and I were still trying to overcome our jet lag (not so much fun!) and were probably a funny site for everyone to see. Joel took this funny picture of us on the train on the way home to Mike and Chikage’s apartment.


Luckily today we are well rested and mostly back to normal!

This afternoon we made a little trip to the grocery store a.k.a. "supa." Check out all of the yummy food in these pictures.



After going to Joel, Mike and Chikage's church this afternoon, we went out to eat and had River Eel (unagi), a Nagoya specialty. Yummy!



Tomorrow we're off to Kyoto on the Shinkansen...

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