Garden: 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jon and I have been spending our summer evenings outside for the past few weeks. It is so relaxing to read (or knit) outside and enjoy the cool breezes.

New for this year:
• 3 yards of top soil to level off the back and avoid flooding problems again
• a custom-built sprinkler system (thanks Jon!)
• a revolving compost bin
• a handful of plants grown from seed (inside during the winter and outside at the beginning of spring).

For this year, we've planted the following veggies:
2x heirloom tomatoes

2 cherry tomatoes

4 eggplant

3 kale

3 swiss chard

8 green/red/yellow peppers

10 green onions


6 lettuce

5 Chinese cabbage

pickling cucumber



10 bush beans

5 fennel

Here's a few shots of our garden as it has been progressing this year.

Day 1

Week 4

Week 6

And one row of perennials and cutting flowers for good measure with daisies, purple coneflowers, rose campion and zinnias (our veggie garden is the only spot in our yard with full sun, so I've got to grow the fun perennials somewher!).

Lychnis - Rose Campion


  1. What a nice garden! I wish we could have one but our yard is way too shady.

  2. I love your garden! Full Sun can be tricky, but I love a garden that has flowers mixed in. I love summer veggies ~ nothing is better.

  3. Love your veggie garden... perhaps next year I'll muster up the strength to plant one hehe!

  4. your garden looks beautiful!
    i always get so antsy at this point in the growing season - i just want to eat things!!

  5. Great garden. I hope you share some of the meals you make with all those yummy veggies. I love the added perennial and cutting flowers, great idea!

  6. Your garden looks great! Have you gotten to eat much of it yet!?

  7. Your garden is wonderful! I live in a city near a state park and between the deer and the chipmunks it is a battle trying to grow anything!

  8. Oh, I love that garden! I would be outside as much as possible if my garden looked like that!

  9. beautiful!! love it! love you guys too. xox

  10. your garden looks great! we are so close to have zucchini ready to eat. the first one is definitely the best. :)

  11. Great garden! Homegrown veggies are always yummier!

  12. Wow! Lovely! We live in a tiny NYC apt...and I have serious garden envy.

  13. What an awesome garden. You are lucky to have enough sun to grow all those wonderful veggies!


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