Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last weekend, my sisters and I threw my parents a surprise anniversary party for their 30th anniversary. My parents were completely surprised and we all had a wonderful time. To celebrate their anniversary, I put together a blurb book of photos from their dating years all the way up until now. The book turned out really nice and I cannot recommend blurb books enough. I will definitely be making more of these in the future.

garden cupcakes • made by my mom (I couldn't figure out how to ask her over for dinner for the afternoon and not have her bring any food, so she whipped these up for us).

The party went off without a hitch, but there was a bit of drama beforehand. My mom's beloved indoor cat, Isabelle, ran away about a month ago and my mom's been searching for her ever since. The morning of the party my sister, Ruth, found a cat that looked strikingly similar to Isabelle on the local Humane Society website. The catch: the kitty had recently been through a traumatic accident and suffered the lost of her back leg. After a few tears and disagreements about what to do with the injured kitty, Ruth ended up going to the Humane Society to adopt the cat (thinking all along that the cat was Isabelle). Isabelle was dropped off at my family's house just as everyone left to come over to our house for the party and she made herself right at home by running off to her favorite hiding spot in the basement.

After the party, my sister, Rachel, was the first person back home and as soon as she looked at Isabelle, she realized that Ruth had adopted the wrong cat. The wrong eye color, tail length, weight and markings all clued her in.

So, basically, my family was stuck with the reality that Isabelle was still missing from home and that they would now have to take care of and raise this new three legged kitty in Isabelle's place.

Flash forward one week...not-Isabelle, now officially named Sophie (unofficially, Stumpy), is settling into life at my family's house and is charming the heck out of my dad, the lone holdout on "finalizing" the adoption. ...and people say that cats don't know what you're thinking!

Ahh...the crazy, drama-filled times of life in our family!


  1. I make Blurb books every year to commemorate our "up north" vacations. It's a great way to get all those pictures in one place, and they look fantastic!
    Congrats to Mom & Dad...and Sophie, too!

  2. Congratulations Mom and Dad! Your story made me laugh out loud which I rarely do on the computer! Your family was obviously meant to care for this Sophie.....Good luck on finding Isabelle....:)

  3. aw your parents are so cute!
    love the flower arrangements in the watering cans!
    and your mother's cupcakes are awesome.
    glad that sophie is winning your dad over. what an emotional roller coaster to go through though!

  4. How nice that you surprised your parents for their anniversary. They look so cute in matching shirts. Those cupcakes are amazing!

  5. Those cupcakes are too cool!!! What a crazy time leading up to and after the party. Sophie is a lucky cat to have such nice people to take care of her. :)

  6. yum. cupcakes masquerading as a healthy garden. love it!

  7. Congrats to you mum and dad, the cupcakes look awesome - I'd never heard of blurb books but what a find, I'll have to check them out further. Too funny about kitty- I hope Isabelle comes home. I'm sure Sophie is extremely happy!

  8. That's so lovely that you threw your parents a surprise 30th! And those cupcakes are so pretty! I'm glad your parents found another cat, even if it's not Isabelle :)

  9. Awwww...that is sweet of you and your sisters. Those cupcakes look amazing! Your mom is very talented.

  10. cheeers to your parents!!
    (those cupecakes are cute!!!)

  11. Those cupcakes are incredible!!!! Congrats to your parents!

  12. I do love those cupcakes!!!
    I wanted to make a blurb book for my grandmother for Christmas (that's the plan, at least :) )

  13. Loved the pic of your mom & dad and those cupcakes were the cutest.
    OK, Stumpy...! I love that he won your dad over.


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