Hat extravaganza

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Since I don't knit socks, I've been using hats as my portable summer knitting projects. They've been a fun way to try out some new cables and techniques and make a dent in the single skein section of my stash. I've really enjoyed being able to sit outside and knit this summer. I'm definitely going to miss this when winter returns.

Here are the hats, in no particular order:


Pattern: Hurricane
Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino Worsted "Best of Blue"
Rav link: craftr's Hurricane


Pattern: Trilobite

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino Worsted "Unglazed"

Rav link: craftr's Trilobite


Pattern: Koolhaas

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino Worsted "Lime Crush"

Rav link: craftr's Koolhaas

This is my all time favorite hat pattern. I hope to make a few more of these. The lattice pattern is so addiction. See my first version, here.


Pattern: Dorothea

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino Worsted "Blue Goodness"

Rav link: craftr's Dorothea


Pattern: Anemoon

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino Worsted "True Love"

Rav link: craftr's Anemoon

I test knit this for Lucy at { a black pepper }. She always does amazing work with cables and this pattern is no exception!


Pattern: Narragansett

Yarn: Pigeonroof Studios DK Superwash "Crepe Myrtle"

Rav link: craftr's Narragansett

• • •

And a scarf to mix things up

Opera Scarf

Pattern: Opera Scarf

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino Cashmere Nylon Sport "Forever in Jeans"

Rav link: craftr's Opera Scarf

If I were to make this again, I would add one or two more pattern repeats and go up a needle size or so. It was a little too narrow and the sample has more holes in the lace pattern.

Now that I've made a sizable dent in my single skeins, I'm tackling my the sweater yarn portion of my stash...just in time for fall.


  1. ooh! The Anemoon looks awesome on you!! Love all the hats!

  2. Wonderful hats! I have a huge love for the Koolhaas hat. I haven't done any knitting in months because it's just too warm but you're making me look forward to cooler weather :)

  3. wow! you've been busy!
    what a gorgeous rainbow of yarns and beautiful collection of hats- i can't possibly pick a favorite! do you have one?

  4. You're making me wish I could knit - what delicious yarns and hats! I love the Anemoon one on you. They're all beautiful!

  5. loving the yarn and the hats...drooling!

  6. holy smokes! look at all those hats!

  7. You've been busy :) Each one looks wonderful and comfy to wear. I also love the colors.

  8. Those hats are just beautiful! I was going to name my favorite but as I scrolled down through them the next quickly became a favorite, until I realized they are all so awesome!!! Will you keep them or give them as gifts?

  9. These are wonderful - I like the ones that swirl around the back - such cute designs. And the yarn colors are just yummy!

  10. Gorgeous hats, made with gorgeous yarn. Makes me want to try a few.

  11. The hats are lovely! I love the trilobite one - if only I could get me son to wear a hat, that would be the one that he would wear. No socks? They sure are fun - and very portable.

  12. wowza! what an amazing rainbow array of hats!
    i echo the sentiment that it too hard to pick a favorite, they're all so lovely!

  13. drool! Must learn how to knit, but I'm scared I'd start stashing.

  14. Oh, thank you for including mine and for helping out!They all are truly awesome!

  15. These are amazing!!!! I'm just trying to teach myself how to knitt and these patterns seem impossible to me.

  16. oh man. i still really love that koolhaas hat. and what a great color! do you have an etsy shop yet? :)

  17. Whooah, extravaganza indeed! Your head is totally set for fall. The anemoon is especially FAB!! I love it! You don't knit socks though? Crazy person ;)

  18. I need to get a move on the hat knitting I intended to do this summer. This sweater is eating up all of my knitting time.

  19. WAUW!!! Those are a lot of hats! LOVE them all!

  20. Lots of hats!! I love the colors that you've been working with :)

  21. Lots of hats!! I love the colors that you've been working with :)

  22. those are CUTE hats!!! just curious as to why you don't knit socks???

  23. Your hats are really really pretty. I am like you--have tons of sock yarn. Dont knit socks. Tons of lace yarn. Ah. I dont knit lace.

  24. That's a lot of spectacular hats in beautiful colors. But why don't you knit socks? Do you have a sock aversion?

  25. Oh I love all of these! Super cute and fantastic colors!

  26. Those hats are beautiful - I especially like Narragansett. Looking forward to seeing your fall yarns/projects - my fingers are itching to start mine, but I've got a couple projects to finish first.

  27. Hey . . . a Rebekah with a "k" who doesn't want to be called Becky.
    Sounds familiar.
    Nice blog -- found it by chance. Glad I did. I'm a fellow crafter . . .

  28. Absolutely gorgeous hats! I love all the beautiful colors you chose. I really need to knit with all the Plucky Knitter yarn that I have been hoarding.

  29. I love the picture of the yarn and then the pictures of the yarn transformed into the hats. So cool!
    They all look so great! Love the colors! Looks like you are all set when the weather gets chilly.

  30. I love all of these. If I only lived close by and I could steal one of them.


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