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Monday, January 8, 2007

Jon and I had a very relaxing and low key weekend. It was our first weekend at home with no pressing house projects or visitors, so we relished in the freedom. We watched a few movies that we rented at blockbuster and we had some time to ourselves in our separate rooms. Jon, the perfect example of an only child, has fully taught me the joy in alone time and I think I appreciate it almost as much as he does!

I pulled out some of my leftover fabric scraps from the first quilt that I made and decided to make the "Hold Me Close Heating Pad Cover" from Quilts by Denyse Schmidt. The book has inspired me again and I think I'll be making the Big Zig quilt in grey and green for Jon sometime soon. He requested that I make him a quilt to match his edit suite a few months ago and I always need an excuse to buy more fabric, right? : )


I spent Saturday evening cutting, assembling and quilting each side and finished it up yesterday afternoon. After I finished, it occurred to me that it's not a very useful project because I'll only really look at or use this heating pad a couple times a year. Oh well, I guess it was all about the process, right?



  1. This is wonderful! You only use your heating pad once a year? We turn our heat way down at night....I like it warm, so while I surf the internet I sit with my heating pad in my lap...toasty!


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