Monday, February 5, 2007

So, Saturday night, Jon and I were sitting in bed and we also happened to have some candles burning on our nightstands. Well, we're talking and then Jon points over to my side of the bed and tells me that something's burning.

I look over and see that the corner of our duvet is in flames and immediately I began to freak out. I jumped out of bed and started beating the duvet on the floor to dampen the flames, but it just made it worse. The Jon started beating the duvet with a pillow. He extinguished the fire and then told me: "omg, you totally have to blog about this. Go get your camera." Yes, he really did say the three letters, "o-m-g." So, here you have it. Post-fire bedding:


We trimmed the burnt fabric off and washed the duvet and the comforter and I just finished sewing up the corner and everything is pretty much back to normal. Thank goodness for sewing machines because that duvet was just too pretty, too new and too expensive to toss after just two months of use!

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