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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Well, I broke down and bought a little embroidery kit yesterday. Jon thinks that embroidery is just like sewing, so he doesn't consider taking this on as a new hobby, thus voiding my new year's resolution. I think I'll keep him around. This little project was a lot of fun and wasn't too tedious, so I think I'll be trying some more designs in the future.


Jon had wanted me to make a soft pillow for the cats to sit on that could be placed in front of the large heating register in our living room. I couldn't find any patterned fleece that I liked, so I bought a solid color and did some embellishing with the stitch-it kit cat pattern from sublime stitching.


Nuku Nuku sat on my lap while I stiched away, almost as if to say she was excited that I was actually making something for her for once!


We were a pretty exciting couple last night. Not everyone can take joy in the noise of only a ticking clock while reading a book or embroidering a cat, but we sure did. We were so quiet last night that the cats took it upon themselves to stage an epic battle on my flat and smooth but not yet basted quilt. I woke up at 6:00 this morning to the sounds of their claws clicking along the floor, hissing, scampering paws up and down the stairs, and fabric being rolled and bunched into a tiny ball on the floor. Yikes! I was not a happy camper this morning and they knew to stay away from me while I re-pressed and basted the quilt this morning.


At least they like sitting on something I've made. They still have yet to humor me by sitting on the pillow so that I could take a picture for this post.


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  1. Oh, the kitty pillow is so cute!! I have some of those Jenny Hart stitch-it kits but so far have only done a tea towel with a martini glass on it. The kitties, some cherries, and some monkies are all on my list (along with the Hillary Lang stitchettes I've bought but not yet done anything with).
    Must be something in the air with cats attacking crafts last night - one of my kitties stalked my knitting bag and dragged a sweater-in-progress all around downstairs.... Ugh.


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