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Monday, January 28, 2008

Catherine and I were busy last week making some cute little baby things for our friend, Linda's shower on Saturday.

Catherine made these little bibs with a pattern from Chickpea Sewing Studio:

She also made these burp rags with cotton fabric and chenille (11" x 17")

And I made this chenille blanket that was an enlarged version of the pot holders that I posted last week (36" x 24")

It was so exciting to see Linda open up all of her gifts! She is always such a gracious gift receiver. The look on her face when she opened up the bibs was so adorable. I can't wait to see how much joy her little bun brings her when he or she arrives in a few months!


  1. These are so adorable. I have them on my "to-do" list but haven't gotten around to making them yet. Hopefully soon. What did you use for the backing on the bib? Did you use a flannel fabric or just cotton? And I must say your chenille blanket turned out fantastic. Also on my list. More inspiration to acutally get them done I guess ~ maybe they should be moved to the top of the list.

  2. wow, all the fabric you ladies chose are beautiful!

  3. Everything is so cute! I am especially intrigued by the baby blanket. When I have some time and catch on some sleep, I will look at your instructions for the pot holders more carefully.

  4. ok the work on that blanket had to have taken a while! It looks comfy!


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