Koolhaas: third time’s a charm

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

First time: I set out to knit the pattern I didn’t realize that you’re supposed to read knitting charts from right to left. Rip it.

This poor little project sat in hibernation all through November, December and January.

Second time: Oh, that little symbol means knit through back loop. Rip it.

Third time: Reading chart from right to left. Check! Knitting through the back loop. Check! I did get a bit lazy with the pattern on the fourth repeat. I changed the pattern mid-row and didn’t realize my error until three rows later. Then I tried to just make it work according to my own pattern and after seeing that it wasn’t working out I fearlessly ripped back 8 rows and fixed the mistake. Yay!

I successfully mastered the psso and ssk on the decrease rows and ended up making a soft, squishy, stretchy, well-fitting hat for Jon.

Here are the details

Koolhaas pattern from Interweave Holiday Knits by Jared Flood of BrooklynTweed

Berrocco Pure Merino (love this stuff! So soft!)

Color: Storm

1.5 balls for the project

5 pattern repeats


Size 7 for the k2p2 ribbing

Size 9 for the pattern

Jon has a really big head and doesn’t like it when hats are too tight or slide off his head, so I used thicker yarn and larger needles to make sure it fit nicely.

As of last week I am the proud owner of 3 sets of DPNs from Knitpicks. Even though I bought the DPNs for this project and bought three different sizes (just in case), I somehow managed to buy 6, 7, and 8s so I didn’t have the right size for the decreases at the top of the hat. Not a big deal, but it was funny that I overlooked this little detail.

I’m not sure how to store these needles and I was a bit bummed that they don’t have any size markings on them but I do own a needle gauge, so figuring out which size is which won’t be such a problem. I have a feeling that a new dpn needle case is going to be in my sewing horizon soon. I can’t stand loose needles!

This hat was finished just in time for our beautiful, powdery snowfall. I love pretty snow like this (when I’m inside and warm and not at work).


  1. seriously??? I am SO impressed! it looks beautiful!

  2. WOW (!!!!!) Rebekah...you've come a long way since that day we tried to knit at the park =P I love it!

  3. that is an awesome hat and it almost makes me want to learn to be a better knitter... but i just don't think i have the patience.
    i also love the over-all greenish tone of the photos. is the hat really that great limey yellowy green?


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