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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've been so inspired by all of the embroidery and patchwork projects I've been seeing on flickr lately. I love seeing all the bright and cheerful colors and projects. A welcome sight in winter for sure! Plus, I didn't want to leave my depressing winter post at the top of this blog any longer.

1. no cash, no problem, 2. felted, plant-dyed artsy, 3. Easy Lap Quilt, 4. Trio of smocks, 5. Mixy Matchy Placemats, 6. Button backs, 7. bend the rules blanket II, 8. Turtles, 9. Stripes clutch, 10. Button Flowers Pouch, 11. Clever Coasters, 12. Pleated Beauty Bag and zippy pouch, 13. Mom's lap quilt, 14. Pleated Beauty Bag with Nigella Fabric, 15. leafy tote, 16. poor guy, 17. Christmas Tree Crazy Quilt close up, 18. Closeup, 19. Gift for a friend, 20. Russian doll close-up, 21. custom order for M, 22. garden, 23. Three buddies, 24. Little hedgehog with pink berries, 25. Bluebird Spring with pins, 26. Berries close - up, 27. trees, 28. Collecting Mushrooms, 29. nestingdolls2, 30. Twinset wrapped :), 31. Patchwork Pillows 2, 32. Ondori Embroidery #3, 33. Ondori Embroidery #3, 34. metal chest, 35. oven mitts, 36. Hot water bottle back

I've been recovering from a bit of the stomach flu this weekend and I hope to have a finished object to show tomorrow. First I need to learn how to psso and ssk. Wish me luck!


  1. I really like the berries a lot. I love your posts. It was fun to look at all the new ideas ;o)

  2. Hello there!
    Thank you very much for including my fly!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog, from Crafting Japanese I think. You've made some fantastic stuff. I LOVE Jon's new sweater. Just wish I had the patience to knit properly.
    This flicker montage caught my eye, I have that little hedgehog, from Apple and Eve! I've become pretty good friends with Eva and am in love with her embroidery. That hedgehog was the start of my infatuation with embroidery and especially all things Apple and Eve.

  4. Squeal! I am so tickled that you chose one of my projects as a favorite!


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