Toledo Zoo

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jon and I took a little road trip to the Toledo Zoo on Saturday. I got to tour the library with a student group from my school and Jon and I got to spend lots of time enjoying the antics of crazy zoo animals.

While we were in the South American rain forest exhibit I noticed a sign that said "Sloth" and asked Jon where it was. We both looked up toward the ceiling and this guy was about 5 feet from our heads. We both let out fairly large gasps. It's not too often that a sloth makes you jump!


  1. looks like a fun time - the sloth and giraffe are my favorites. and yup, knotts has an amusemnt park too - and we LOVE their jam!

  2. Great pictures! That's funny about the sloth, I would have been startled too. Don't you just love the meerkats?

  3. Your zoo photos are great. This summer my camera died at the zoo so I didn't get such great photos-it looks like you had a fabulous time!

  4. I love the zoo. I've never seen a sloth at the zoo before so I'm pretty sure I would have screemed really loud when I saw that guy. They are kinda funny looking.


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