zig zag afghan progress

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanks for all of your sweet comments about my completed plain spoken quilt! I am so glad to have it finished and so thankful to add a cheery quilt to my couch during the upcoming winter months.

I've been slowly but surely cranking away at my zig zag afghan. Last night I was able to finish sewing the first two panels together. Tonight I plan on starting on the next set of stripes: orange and turquoise (the fifth and final color in the mix). This project has been just what I've needed lately, it's simple, repetitive and a great lecture watching/tv watching/book listening project. And, by the way, I am totally milking these afghan posts....this project is going to take me forever (2 strips down, 6 to go!)


  1. so pretty! make sure to show us the finished product! heres to you hoping you have a brownie mix at home!:)

  2. I just picked up my crochet afghan again last night...I started nearly 2 years ago. and I'm only about half done. I enjoy the simple repetition and having something to do while watching TV.

  3. I love crocheted blankets...they are so cozy and warm...I cannot wait for the finished product!!

  4. it's so pretty! looking forward to seeing the next strip.

  5. afghans are so cuddly. is this one for you?


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