Goodbye Shinji

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We lost our dear, sweet Shinji to a brain tumor on Friday, July 22. It was a tough summer between the two weeks leading up to his death and the grieving afterward. I never realized exactly how much I cared about him or how big of a hole he would leave in our lives until he was gone. To this day, it's hard to walk around the house and not get choked up as I pass one of his favorite spots or remember that he's not around to greet me at the door anymore.

He was the nicest cat and always loved greeting visitors and making them feel welcome. He had the smoothest, silkiest fur and was always ready to be cuddled or petted. His love for eating Cheez-its and licking plastic bags was unmeasured.

Whenever I want to feel even more depressed, you can count on me to be looking at senior, special needs cats up for adoption on Jon has pretty much banned me from looking at the site because of how emotional I get. I'm not sure when or if we'll get another cat. Shinji was just the best.


My library did the sweetest thing for me in honor of Shinji! They plated a picture book in his memory for our bookmobile collection. I was so touched! The book perfectly describes him and is a darling book if you are in search of a sweet cat book.

Shinji's book

Shinji's book


  1. That was so nice of your library! Sorry to hear about your cat passing, animals really are part of the family and it's hard to lose them.

  2. so sorry about your lost... I know that buddys are part of family and must be so hard say good bye to any of them!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this :( *hugs*

  4. Sorry to read about Shinji. I lost my cat Gershwin to two brain tumors three years ago, and I still miss him. Archie just can't fill his paws.

    They leave a big, big hole when they go, but we're better people to have had them in our lives.

  5. So sorry to hear. I hope you are ok...feeling better. Sending you positive vibes...


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