el día de los muertos

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm crossing things off my to-do list left and right here...finished this patchwork pillow with Day of the Dead embroidery from Sublime Stitching just in time for the holiday today. When I did the Virgen de Guadelupe embroidery back in May I didn't really think that it would take me so long to finish up the skulls and put everything together. That purple and pink skull was sitting in its embroidery hoop waiting for eyes and teeth for about 5 months there as I moved on to different projects.

The skull fabric is by Alexander Henry and I think it officially puts this pillow into the kitschy category, but oh well...it matches the theme, right?!?


  1. Rebekah! You out-did yourself on that one! Gorgeous. I'd like to place an order please. Wow. Gorgeous. I seriously adore it.

  2. Wonderful job. Your stitching is great and the fabric is wonderful

  3. I love the pillow. That is amazing. I have a wallet and pouch made out of the Alexander Henry fabric. Not kitschy at all.

  4. Beautiful pillow!
    Kind regards,
    Sonnja, from the Netherlands

  5. The pillow is amazing! Nice job!

  6. oh my gosh.. that pillow is AMAZING. and so sophisticated. Such a great use of the patterns!


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