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Saturday, October 6, 2007

I've been busy crafting away...using our time catching up on The Office to work on my granny squares, my knitting swatch and some embroidery.

The quilt is coming along. I just have 2 more strips to sew to each square and then it's ready to assemble.

And, I finished my second stitchette. My plan is to finish all 16 and include them in a quilt. Well, the quilt isn't going to make itself unless i start cranking these out, right? I believe this one is called "Ernie's Edification" and it's from the fall stitchettes.

The potholder/swatch is finished. I'm a little bummed that it didn't shrink as much as I wanted it to and that it shrunk from a square into a rectangle. Next time I'll know to add a lot of rows to the swatch to get it to come out more even.


and after

And now the swatch is bringing me a scent from my past...perm chemicals. Seriously, it smells so disgusting!

I'm off to finish those quilt sqaures and possible make a new purse from this pattern with this fabric that I picked up last weekend at the sewing expo...


  1. Ooh the bf and I were just watching The Office. Painfully hilarious stuff. I think your quilt will be lovely.

  2. Love the purse you showed me yesterday...
    Need to see photos of you with a perm...
    And great to see you guys!

  3. I just found your site through Sew, Mama, Sew. Your work is beautiful and I NEED that sushi fabric. Best to you!


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