weekend in Chicago

Monday, October 22, 2007

We had a lovely weekend in Chicago

...enjoying the gorgeous weather

...catching up with old friends

...window shopping

...getting smoothies at Jamba Juice (seriously wish one of these would come to our town soon!)

...shopping at Papersource for the first time in person - finally getting the paper flower kit I have been eyeing for a few years

...picking out our first new ornament for Christmas this year (from Papersource)

...enjoying public transportation (or not having to find a parking spot in the city)


  1. Mmm, we used to have a jamba juice down the street from us, I really miss their smoothies. I'm going to Chicago in November (brrrr), so I'll have to see if there's one near our hotel (and paper source, I totally forgot about them!)

  2. I never knew there was a ChinaTown in Chicago until last month. My cousin told me about when he went to Chicago for a few days for business. Is it big?

  3. Jamba Juice sounds so good right now.
    Thanks for visiting my site, the best thing about seeing other peoples quilts like the ones I saw at PIQF is that you realize how much you still have to learn... Oh and the quilting template, I got it from a booth there, but here's the website. I think they're on vacation for October though! http://www.jdstencils.com/StencilPage17.html

  4. I like that robot!And your embroderies are lovely, very original :)


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