Hazel Hurrahs and rodgab

Monday, October 29, 2007

One last fall stitchette finished. I'm done with fall, now on to the next set. From: wee wonderfuls

We saw an amazing concert last night with our friend Jodi at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit...rodrigo y gabriela. They're a Spanish guitar duo with a rock n roll twist...filled with lots of tricks and techniques to make you drop your jaw. It was a bit louder and a bit later than I'm used to but their talent definitely made staying out late on a work night worth it (man, are we getting old...had to stock up on coke to get a caffeine high to keep us awake : ) You can check out some of their youtube videos here.


  1. Those stitches look so tiny and perfect.

  2. i'm curious what do you plan on doing with your stitchettes once they are done? they are beautiful!


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