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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Remember this quilt from last summer? Yeah, the one I had intended on using instead of our down comforter during the summer. Well, the good news is that I'm hoping to have it finished by this summer instead. I pulled it out of hibernation last weekend and assessed the damage. I had to pull out all of my basting pins (sad!) and rip out the little quilting that I did do. I washed the top to get rid of the lines and re-drew parallel vertical lines (as seen here), re-basted it and have been quilting a few lines here and there in the evenings. I will definitely be glad to have this project out of the way!

And, here's a set of bibs that I made for Oiyi's daughter, Melody, who was born back in January. I used the now famous bib pattern from Chick Pea Sewing Studio, some japanese character prints that I bought in Japan last year, and the side view of the pig from the Christmas ornament freebie at weewonderfuls (my attempt at hand sewing a stuffed golden pig was quite laughable, so I went with the two dimensional version instead!).


  1. i like the simplicity of your vertical line quilting. it looks very modern.
    do you have an easy way to enlarge the patterns from denyse schmidt's book? the last time i tried it, i had to tape lots of pieces of paper together and it was a pain.
    thanks for showing us your wip!

  2. my theory is... better late than never! and it looks darling!!!

  3. the bibs are darling; i might need to place an you have an fabric with daisies?! xox

  4. I always love the colors you choose. That quilt is another fabulous one.
    The bibs are so nice. I don't want her messing them up with formula spit up. :-)

  5. That quilt looks beautiful! Look forward to seeing it finished. That yellow pig is pretty cute, too.

  6. Love that quilt. Really fun colors.

  7. good luck with the quilting. it's going to look fab!

  8. What adorable bibs, I'm sure she'll love them! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern.


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