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Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Jon, my parents and I headed over to Kensington MetroPark for an afternoon stroll on Monday afternoon. We were originally scheduled for a bike ride, but that was downgraded to a walk because my dad's back was acting up again.

We took a quick drive around the park and then decided to walk through the nature preserve. We saw a surprising amount of animals during our trek. A doe and a fawn, three wild turkeys, five or six sandbill cranes, lots of chipmunks and red, brown, grey and black squirrels. I could have kicked myself for not bringing my good camera, so here is my edition of "find that animal"


The one thing we didn't see were Tamarack trees. I thought for sure we'd see some. After all, we saw deer on the "Deer trail," aspens on the "Aspen trail," pine trees on the "Pine trail." Unfortunately, there were no tamarack trees to be seen on the "Tamarack trail."

After our walk, we were rewarded with a trip to Carvel's for ice cream. This place is going to give Coldstone a run for their money. They not only have cake batter ice cream but they also have free sprinkles that you can dispense yourself (just pick a color and turn the nozzle).


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