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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Tonight I set up our Christmas tree tonight while Jon and my dad worked on his office. We both had what we might coin a "macaroni and cheese night" - just a frustrating time all around. Jon was annoyed with the tedious job of drywall taping and I was annoyed that I ran out of blue lights halfway up the tree. Definitely nothing that a bowl of macaroni and cheese can't cure!

Well, the tree is up and we're both winding down from our stressful evening. Now we have something pretty to look at. Nuku Nuku has been completely enthralled with the tree. She had a successful visit to the vet yesterday and her paw is all cured. Best of all, the claw trimming was "free" because she had all of her vaccines updated - ha!


This last picture cracks me up...Jon and the cats cuddling on the couch. Notice how Shinji has strategically placed himself on the couch to make sure that there is no room for me to sit next to Jon, or on the couch for that matter. He's still a little jealous of me.


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