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Friday, August 3, 2007

We've been enjoying some lovely tossed salads every evening and we haven't had to go to the grocery store for about a week (although the cupboards are getting pretty bare around here). The garden is finally starting to pay off and we love it. Jon and I have finally started to like eating all types of tomatoes. We normally avoided the fresh tomatoes in favor of stewed, sun-dried, roasted or chopped up in salsa tomatoes. Boy were we missing out.

These grape tomatoes can't seem to ever make it inside...they're all eaten on the spot whenever a red one pops up. It's a good thing that I don't work on a tomato farm harvesting grape tomatoes...the company would surely lose money with me around.

The green peppers are starting to bloom...we've got about 15-20 blooms in progress so far.

And the impulse buy dahlia plants that we bought at the tulip farm back in May are finally worth the $3.99 that we paid for them (lots of the other tubers we bought never sprouted). These blooms are huge...about 6" wide.

And, wow! I was just looking back at old posts...look how small the garden used to be! It's grown so much.


  1. Your dahlias are gorgeous! I didn't end up with any this year; yours make me miss them!

  2. Oh, I so wish I had a garden - these are so beautiful!


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